Significant Other


Opens January 26, 2018

You know when you’re best friends forever, and you’re all single and inseparable, and nothing is ever gonna change—but then everything changes, because all of your friends are suddenly setting a date…and you can’t even get one? That’s Jordan Berman’s life right now. 

Make a date with Jordan and his tight-knit circle of friends as they navigate the ups and downs of friendship and courtship in New York City in Significant Other, the best reviewed new American plays of the 2016 Broadway season. 

A Play by Joshua Harmon
Directed by Heather Akers (Rated PG-13, Comedy)

Heather Says... “Imagine if you mixed Friends and Will & Grace, and added just a pinch of This Is Us. I love it. Trust us, you’ll love this new show too!” 

More Information

“A phenomenal and remarkably hilarious new comedy that zeroes in on the elusiveness of modern love,”
-The New York Post

“An uproarious, bittersweet and poignant comic delight for anyone whose heart has ever been broken. See it and bring a date!”
-Time Out New York


Auditions for this production will be held simultaneously with Almost, Maine. (Yes, you can opt to audition for both, and YES you could possibly be cast in both shows!)

November 26 & 27 at 7PM. (Attend one.) Come prepared to fill out a form, and read from the script. No additional preparation necessary. 

Character Descriptions

SYNOPSIS: Jordan Berman is looking for Mr. Right. As each of his close-knit girlfriends begin coupling off, he navigates the uneasy transition from gay best friend to bridesman. Through it all, he wades through a string of workplace crushes, awkward first dates and romantic misadventures of his own, wondering if he’ll ever find true love. Playwright Joshua Harmon goes from Bad Jews to bad dates in this critically-acclaimed comedy about searching for love and moving on.

  • Jordan Berman (Male. Stage age range: late 20s.) Jordan is a late 20-something gay, Jewish single man looking for love. New Yorker. He’s a romantic at heart yet has a healthy, defined sense of irony. Keenly intelligent and neurotic, he has a penchant for over-examining and over-analyzing every romantic encounter with razor-sharp precision. Existentially aware, sensitive, and very, very funny, he’s every girl’s best friend. Actor must have ease and facility with language, strong comic skills, and access to truthful emotional life.
  • Laura (Female. Stage age range: late 20s.) New Yorker. Jordan’s best friend. In her friend circle, she’s the “straight man” of the group. She’s grounded, an emotional anchor to all, a really, really good friend. Ambitious, intelligent, funny, she cares deeply about the people she loves. She’s not without her own existential anxieties, and when she meets Tony, she finally feels like she’s met someone and can finally reciprocate the care she has always demonstrated to others.
  • Vanessa (Female. Stage age range: late 20s.) Vanessa is a stylish, intelligent New Yorker with a finely-honed dry sense of humor. A bit of “Daria” type. When we first meet her, she is battling depression mainly because she has given up on love. Meeting Roger transforms her, and she gives over to a newfound optimism.
  • Kiki (Female. Stage age range: late 20s.) Kiki is a brashly hilarious, speaks-her-mind, stylish, life-of-the-party kind-of-woman. She loves being a New York City girl. She’s always 150% herself. Actor must have strong comedic chops but also be able to ground herself in the emotional truth of the given circumstances.
  • Helene Berman (Female. Jordan’s grandmother. Stage age range: 60s-80s.) Lives on Long Island. A force of nature even as her memory recedes. Loves Jordan fiercely and provides an emotional anchor for him. Even though she is older, in her mind’s eye she still sees herself as a young woman with a vital life force.
  • Will/Conrad/Tony (Male. Stage age range: late 20s.) Will: Jordan's very attractive co-worker. Can seem a bit aloof but then can sparkle with unexpected warmth. Conrad: Kiki's significant other. A bit of an oaf, a bit dull, lacks a real sense of humor, is crazy about Kiki. Tony: Laura's significant other. Projects instant warmth. A really good guy. Actor must have strong comic chops and great flexibility as a character actor.
  • Gideon/Evan/Roger (Male. Stage age range: late 20s.) Gideon: Jordan's date. Warm, smart, interested in Jordan but conflicted emotionally because he's not over his ex. Evan: Jordan's very dramatic co-worker. Loves to be the center of every room. Fabulous. Roger: Vanessa's significant other. A stand-up guy. Adores Vanessa. Actor must have strong comic chops and great flexibility as a character actor.

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