Romeo and Winifred

A GTT Youth Production

This hilarious spoof turns Shakespeare upside down and shakes things up with a stage full of zany modern-day characters.  With the help of a hilarious passel of chorus members — Oregano, Carpaccio, Risotto, Prosciutto, Antipasto, Pesto, Mayo and Romano — as narrators, we get a deliciously funny spoof of Romeo and Juliet peppered with comedic and intelligent commentary on every page.  It is modern-day New York City, where the high-end Montague’s Department store and the cheapo Capulet’s Discount Mart — rival clothing stores — meet in the street to trade vicious insults.  Words are their daggers, wielded with such finesse and skill that you could die laughing!  When Romeo and Winifred, the heirs to these two retail empires, fall in love, well...  you know the rest.  But this play has a happy ending!  “Humph.  Call yourself a tragedy,” exclaims Oregano at the end of the show, disappointed to find nobody has died.  With pie fights instead of duels, a nurse obsessed with paper cuts, a white leisure suit-wearing Romeo (à la Saturday Night Fever), and an outrageous parody of the most romantic scene in literature, you’ll forget the story ever had anything to do with tragedy!