Great Stories Series


The Great Stories Series launched off of the "Show of Gratitude" model that began in 2015, then reprised in November 2016. We've expanded the concept by focusing on new topics via personal stories, essays, and live music with a cast of local storytellers.

Quite simply, we had such a "soul cup filling" time with Gratitude, that we want to continue that wonderful sentiment all year. We'll be exploring Love, Motherhood, Gratitude, and many other topics every few months. WE ARE SO EXCITED to share our stories with you! Stop by Giving Tree and fill YOUR soul cup. ❤️

The Great Stories Series is Directed by Heather Akers

  • NEXT UP: ​"HAUNTED" 8PM Saturday September 23, 2017. Ghosts. Things that frightened us in the dark as children, or maybe they still do? Or maybe it is something that followed you from your past. Find out what haunts the storytellers at this spooky (and fun) early Autumn edition of our storytelling and music event!!
  • A Show of Gratitude // Saturday November 17th at 8PM. The topic that started it all, join us as we share new stories, essays, and songs related to what giving thanks means. A night you don't want to miss!