Derecho Oral History Readers Theatre

Derecho Oral History Readers Theatre, presented by Marion Public Library and Giving Tree Theater – August 10, 2021, 6:00-7:00 and 8:00-9:00

  • The Marion Derecho Oral History Project conducted by the Marion Public Library will document the stories of individuals in Marion during the August 10, 2020 derecho that struck the state of Iowa. We hope to preserve a diversity of voices and experiences by recording their stories, collecting photographs, and conducting interviews. This project began as a way to preserve the stories of those affected by the derecho in Marion, connect neighbors, and provide an outlet for community healing.
  • Join us for a unique live experience as actors read a selection of oral histories conducted in spring 2021. Interviewees range from a 7-year-old in a basement to a tree trimmer in a cherry picker but all have one thing in common: a tie to Marion, Iowa, and dedication to helping the community heal and reach higher for better days to come.
  • Limited seating is available.  Please reserve your free ticket today.
  • Refreshments will be available to purchase.