Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


Opens February 23, 2018

In Tennessee Williams' Pulitzer Prize winner, a wealthy Southern patriarch faces impending death and manipulates his family, as his children squabble and mislead in desperate attempts to secure the family inheritance.

This hot, sticky Southern yarn will be a welcome offering while we are all hoping spring weather comes quickly. Did we mention we love Tennessee Williams? ...It's the third of his plays that we've produced since opening in 2015!

A Play by Tennessee Williams
(Rated PG, Classic Drama)

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“One of the most successful plays of our time. "…a play of tremendous dramatic impact…enormous theatrical power." —NY Post.

"…Williams has fashioned his most compelling characters." —NY Journal-American.

"This is a gripping and intensely moving play, a play that can hold its own with anything written in the post-O'Neill American theater…Brilliant scenes, scenes of sudden and lashing dramatic power, break open…There is, indeed, no one moment in the evening when the stinging accuracy of Mr. Williams' ear for human speech is not compellingly in evidence…Mr. Williams is the man of our time who comes closest to hurling the actual blood and bone of life onto the stage; he is also the man whose prose comes closest to being an incisive natural poetry." —NY Times.


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