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Pride and Prejudice


DIRECTED BY RICHIE AKERS. This new adaptation by Kate Hamill (who also adapted our production of Sense and Sensibility two years ago!) will be FUNNY, lovely, and modern. ...PG

On Stage Jan 25 - Feb 10, 2019

This isn’t your grandmother’s Austen! Bold, surprising, boisterous, and timely, this P&P for a new era explores the absurdities and thrills of finding your perfect (or imperfect) match in life. The outspoken Lizzy Bennet is determined to never marry, despite mounting pressure from society. But can she resist love, especially when that vaguely handsome, mildly amusing, and impossibly aggravating Mr. Darcy keeps popping up at every turn?! Literature’s greatest tale of latent love has never felt so theatrical, or so full of life than it does in this effervescent adaptation. Because what turns us into greater fools…than the high-stakes game of love?

More Information

“Hamill…has a gift for condensing three-volume novels into galloping two-act plays. Her screwball PRIDE AND PREJUDICE…is as frolicsome as her earlier efforts. It hasn’t met a rib it can’t tickle.” —The New York Times.

“The ever-ingenious Hamill has given us something completely and delightfully different, a smallish-cast period-dress PRIDE AND PREJUDICE…adapted with fizzy, festive freedom, Hamill’s [PRIDE AND PREJUDICE] is full of Bringing Up Baby-style slapstick and the kind of barely controlled chaos that you’d expect to see in a five-door Feydeau farce…” —Wall Street Journal.

“…a laugh-out-loud adaptation… Hamill…give[s] Austen’s novel a deliciously antic sensibility…This PRIDE AND PREJUDICE has comedy at its heart, but regarding the treatment of women, it shows us enough unsettling similarities between the 18th century and now to make us pause thoughtfully between laughs.” —

“Hamill’s PRIDE AND PREJUDICE has fun and charm to spare…[it] is full of high spirits and genuine mirth…Hamill excels…as a condenser of the story and a conveyer of fun. She cleverly squeezes Austen’s wide-ranging drawing-room comedy into the bodies of eight actors, almost all doubling to delightful and even moving effect.” —New York Magazine.

Audition Information

One night only, Sunday Dec 16th at 7PM. Please prepare to read multiple characters from the script, and (most importantly) have FUN with it... this is not a self-serious adaptation, but is a fresh reimagined version that will require 8 actors willing to make the story breathe with new energy. Doubling/tripling roles, with several actors playing both genders. This is going to be a hoot!! 

Payment: The Director is forgoing a paycheck for this production to offer a $100 stipend to each actor, to be paid on opening night. Thank you. 


CHARACTER BREAKDOWN Doubling for 8 actors.


  • ACTOR 1
    + JANE. Late 20s—early 30s. The eldest and most beautiful Bennet daughter. Kind, idealistic, diffident. Always tries to do the right thing.
    + MISS DE BOURGH. Lady Catherine’s daughter; a gremlin. Probably allergic to sun. Underneath all her veils, she may be covered in scales.
  • ACTOR 2
    LIZZY. A year or two younger than Jane. Clever, spirited; can be sharp-tongued. Gets flustered, which makes her klutzy. Prides her- self on good judgment. Not especially beautiful. Very very scared of marriage, after absorbing the lessons of her parents’ marriage.
  • ACTOR 3
    + LYDIA. 14. The youngest Bennet. Lively, prone to imitating others behavior and eavesdropping.
    + LADY CATHERINE. Patrician Caesar-meets—drill sergeant.


  • ACTOR 4
    MR. DARCY. Late 30s—40s. One of the richest men in England. Too proper for his own good; awkward in most social contexts. Prides himself on self-control and good judgment.
  • ACTOR 5
    + MR. COLLINS. A pedantic, obtuse man. The original mansplainer. Rector to Lady Catherine.
    + WICKHAM. An unfairly handsome and charming gentleman. Probably a sociopath. Raised with Darcy.
    + MISS BINGLEY. A very rich, very beautiful young woman. Fancies herself witty. 

Male or Female 

  • ACTOR 6
    + MR. BINGLEY. Late 30s—40s. Loves the world and the world loves him. Mr. Darcy’s particular friend. Almost literally a dog.
    + MARY. The third Bennet girl. Violent and dark undertones; prone to pedanticism and sulking. A dark goth Bronte character trapped in an Austen world. Coughs to get attention, or to make a point; may fancy that she is dying.
  • ACTOR 7
    + CHARLOTTE LUCAS. Same age as Lizzy. A practical girl with a good sense of humor.
    + MR. BENNET. The patriarch of the Bennet family. Finds amusement in absurdity; often looks for respectable escape from the chaos of his family life. Can be somewhat apathetic; probably a bit depressed, under everything. Enjoys antagonizing. Disappointed in marriage.
  • ACTOR 8
    + MRS. BENNET. The matriarch of the Bennet family. Mostly a silly woman, of mean understanding and variable temper. Hypochondriac; when she’s upset, she fancies that she’s dying. The business of her life is to get her daughters married. She traumatizes her family with some regularity.
    + SERVANTS. (All servants with lines in this production happen to be male.)


  • Every time someone sees Mary without warning, they get a shock. It’s as if she’s Nosferatu, and you turn around and OH GOD SHE’S RIGHT BEHIND YOU. She is Captain' Bad Vibes.
  • If playing another gender identity, please do not play “at” being a man or woman. Play the character, not the gender.
  • Let theatricality and imagination do the heavy lifting, and embrace the “play” of it!
  • The show should be attacked with energy and irreverence; dialogue should generally be fast, fast, fast; as close to the speed of thought as possible! No languidness, please. Let the audience catch up with the words, go along on the ride.
  • If you think something could be a naughty joke, it probably is.
  • This play has a lot to do with how we manage shame—shame about one’s vulnerabilities and imperfection, about one’s family, about love and attraction. The greater the shame, the higher we’ll bounce in the release from that shame.
  • The Bennet household is pure chaos.
  • Character age range and/or gender identity does NOT necessarily match the actor's.
  • Characters do not need to speak in an RP British dialect, but we likely will keep a formal tone to hint at one.
  • Every role is open to all ethnicities.
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Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice